Fees & Charges

Fees & charges are one of the most important elements of investing

You want to know that you are getting exceptional value for money and that you are not paying an unreasonable amount for the service and level of investment return you receive. With some providers or investment managers there can be many different complicated fees and charges associated with your investments, but we aim to keep it simple. You can read more about our fees and charges below.

Annual Management Fee

The annual management fee is taken on a monthly basis from your investment portfolio and paid to us by our brokers.

For example:
Value of investment £100,000 – AMF 1% / 12 = 0.083333 x £100,000 = £83.33* per month

*rounded down to 2 decimal points
Initial Charge

The initial charge can be paid by you directly to us on receipt of our invoice or you can request the initial charge to be taken from your investment portfolio which will be paid to us by our brokers.

For example:
Value of investment £100,000 x 3% = £3,000.
We do not make an initial charge on monthly contributions you make to your investments.

What’s included?

Our fees cover the cost of setting up your investment portfolio and the ongoing investment management of your money.

We will…
  • Provide written updates on the progress of your investments as often as agreed with you.
  • Meet with you twice a year or as otherwise agreed to review your portfolio.
  • Provide 24/7 online access to allow you to see your account 365 days a year.

Our investment strategies only contain regulated investments. Our investment research team is additionally supported by a dedicated team of analysts at our brokers. Your investments are all fully protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. If you have any questions about any of your investments, you can get in touch with the Middleton Private Capital team at any time.

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Annual Management Charge = 1%
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Investment Portfolio Set-up Fees & Charges

Our fees for setting up your investment portfolio
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Our charge 3%
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