ESG Policy

ESG Philosophy

At Middleton Private Capital, we acknowledge the growing role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in the ever-changing investment landscape.

We understand that ESG investing can mean different things to different people, therefore we do not adopt a one size fits all approach and can create bespoke portfolios to meet the ethical requirements of clients upon request.

Integration into Investment Process

Whilst ESG factors alone do not drive investment decisions, we consider such factors as part of our broader due diligence and risk management frameworks. We may also, from time to time, exclude industries that we deem to be either unethical or immoral from our investment screens, thereby ensuring investors do not gain exposure.

Continuous Evaluation and Periodic Review

We commit to staying informed about industry best practices and continuously evolve our investment due diligence and risk management processes to incorporate ESG developments.

We periodically review and update our ESG policy to reflect changing industry standards and practices, client demand, and regulatory developments, and how these factors impact our investment process.


If you have any questions about our ESG Policy, please contact us on 01909 261071 to discuss any matter.

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